The Jim Jackson Educational and Enabling Foundation

We enable through
disadvantaged youths to enter and prosper in a career in business and commerce




Jim Jackson Foundation: Igniting your future

The Jim Jackson Educational and Enabling Foundation is a charitable organisation that helps young people take their first step into a business career. If they have been having difficulty breaking through, because they have had obstacles to overcome, our aim is to assist young people to take their first step into a business career.

We work closely with a network of organisations to identify disadvantaged talented young people.

We support talented individuals who are put forward by key influential members within their community such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Social workers, and Community or Religious Institutions.

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How does it help?

By providing support, information, funding practical tools and sourcing opportunities.

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What sort of career?

Any career in business, excluding the professions or other charities/not for profit organisations.

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Who does it help?

Anyone aged between 16 and 24 who is trying to pursue a business career and who has tried in the past, but have not been able to because of obstacles they have encountered.

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What sort of obstacles?

Anything that prevented educational advancement and qualification, including interrupted learning, health or pastoral problems, or social disadvantages.

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Who We Are

A picture of Jim Jackson

Who was Jim Jackson?

Jim Jackson was born in 1942 and grew up in disadvantaged circumstances in Birkenhead. When he was a teenager, both his parents died and he abandoned school before his A levels, despite being at a grammar school, with a promising academic ability. He drifted into a world of gangs and petty misdemeanour. A visionary teacher at his school spotted the signs and persuaded Unilever Port Sunlight to give him a job as a tea boy in the advertising department. There he was mentored by a concerned manager.

Jim developed his career with the support of mentors and became the youngest advertising manager in Unilever, progressing through the company until his late forties, by which time he was a general manager training young marketing managers around the world. He became their mentors as they, in turn, progressed through their careers.

In 1989 he co-founded his own successful marketing and distribution company with his wife, Jill Hill. Throughout the remainder of his career, he encouraged and mentored young people, urging them to move ahead, overcoming their lack of educational qualifications through personal development and hard work. He championed, in particular, people who did not have professional qualifications and promoted their ability. He believed in making a difference to these young people's lives.

Jim died in 2021 and in his memory, the foundation has been established to carry on his passion for advancing people who have had disadvantages but who have the obvious potential to succeed in a business career.

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Aspects Beauty raises £1800 for the foundation.
Feb 28, 2024
Aspects Beauty raises £1800 for the foundation.

A huge thank you to the Aspects Beauty team for raising an incredible £1800 at their consultant conference earlier this month.

An Open Letter From Our Founder, December 2023
Dec 20, 2023
An Open Letter From Our Founder, December 2023

I am really delighted to be able to report strong progress for the Jim Jackson Foundation in 2023.

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